Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Want to have some fun?

I thought it would be fun to bide my time while waiting for this new blessing by having a contest!! Here it is...the person to be the closest to guessing the sex, weight and date will win a custom item of their choice:

3 Sweet Dribblers
2 Jelly Bellies
1 Sugar Smock
1 Mama Apron

Of course, the winner will get their custom AFTER my babymoon, and I request shipping is paid for.

To make things fair, here are my other babies' stats:

Ashley~ 6lb-2oz, 13 days early, girl
Evan~ 10lb even, 1 day early, boy
Zebidiah~8lb-5oz, 10 days early, boy
Shauna~7lb-13oz, 9 days early, girl
Kyla~ 7lb-9oz, 10 days early, girl
AnnaRuth~ 9lb-13oz, 2 days early, girl
Ruby~ 8lb-4oz, 8 days early, girl

I am due July 26th. Give me a date, not how early/late I will be. Just drop me your guess in a comment here.

Have fun!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gift for a fellow soon-to-be mom.

This set was created for Sherry, a wonderful soon-to-be first time mama at our church.

I hope she enjoys them thoroughly!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Custom for Joanne

I have enlisted for another custom order for Joanne.

Here are the fabrics to be used..